My Dream Project: The Whales of Change

Education by Entertainment through Technology equals Change and Change equals Opportunity!  Far surpassing any whale watch trip, this Disney-like Adventure Center offers every visitor the chance to learn about the ocean and experience just what it would be like to dive into the ocean and see and experience what can be found under the surface of our Ocean. We want the people who know and love the ocean to come visit, just as much as we want those who have never been to sea to come find out what is happening. You can hear about the ocean, you can read about it, but if you see it in the right way, the Ocean will always be with you. This is an Adventure!  When you see and learn about the creatures who live in the waters that cover most of our world, you will love what you learn and be excited about your future and your waters. Build this and you will come and you will learn and you will have a wonderful time with a brand new Experience!


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Education Through Entertainment by Technology = Change

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