The Pamphlet Trilogy

The Way to 100% Renewables

"A Vision for the Future"

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Pamphlet #1


WORLD WAR III (the Way Things are) tells you, in no uncertain terms, the forces that are arrayed against us. It speaks of the wrongs that have taken us almost to the point of no return. Past the tipping point. We have to change. Change our Thoughts and our Actions. Each and every one of us. If our children are to have a good life, the time to change is this very instant. Now. Right Now!

Make no mistake about this. The forces that want to remain entrenched in the old and failing ways are strong. They will not go down easily and without a struggle. Expect that.

The way to change is through listening, learning, and love. We have to use our ability to hear, to talk, to understand.

We have to change before we lose this WORLD WAR III too many of us don't even realize we are in, we have to change now before it all comes tumbling down around us.

By seeing these changes through, the Future becomes an absolutely beautiful and brilliant world, in balance and financially stable, full of happiness and love and sustainability for every one of us.

Treat the earth well: it was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children. We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.

Ancient North American Indian Proverb

This first pamphlet shows the way things are…


Pamphlet #2


World War III Counter-Attack with The Solution! When facing certain defeat, there is only one option available to us, and that is to Counter-Attack! We all lose when we are slowly and surely committing suicide while we continue to pander to fossil fuels which we don’t even need. In Seattle, Shell Oil is gearing up to send huge drilling rigs into the Arctic. In Norway, the same kind of rigs are being readied to go into the Arctic. The oil companies all talk about their technology, and how concerned they are about safety and oil spill prevention. There is no new technology. There is no way to clean up spills. All of it is just talk. Just b.s. How many other places are being attacked that we don’t even know about for something we don’t even need? This pamphlet goes into detail how we cannot survive by continuing to create the same level of emissions we are now doing, or by finding more oil that is only guaranteed to increase those emission levels. We need to stop using fossil fuels of any kind. Look at the graph on the last page. Fossil fuels are a dead end. What is needed is 100% Renewables. This pamphlet shows us how to achieve this rapid response to these entrenched greedy, care nothing, corporations and pull the rug right out from under them. The way to respond to the deteriorating planet that we are all experiencing, is to adapt The Six Original Mandates. If a leader will arise and create a community that will allow every man and woman to approve/vote for these Mandates and every child from the sixth grade through college can sign a petition doing the same, then these mandates will be taken to our government and the President can exercise his executive powers to enact them, or Congress, seeing the vast number of people for them can enact them. Learn what The Mandates are.



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This second pamphlet shows the solution.


Pamphlet #3


After the Change


Here we look at life ten years after The Mandates were put into effect. Oil production is greatly reduced. Nuclear power which only kills for thousands of years is gone. Coal which poisoned our waters and our air is gone. Natural gas and its methane byproducts are no longer needed. We have achieved 100% Renewables! Every man, woman, child, and business have more electricity than they can ever use with all prices trending to free. After an initial drop especially for those still looking to use fossil fuels for profit, the economy is booming. Good jobs, clean jobs, rewarding jobs are available for all. Read this pamphlet to see the possibilities that are just around the corner for all of us. See how all our lives, our health, our planet rapidly improve now that we no longer have any need for those aptly named, fossil fuels. Quickly, Life for all of us becomes far better!


The Solution! proposed in Pamphlet #2 and followed through in Pamphlet #3 is something we can all do. It will initially take very little of our time as we approve/vote for The Six Original Mandates and as they are implemented our world rapidly improves to where we all begin to thrive again in a beautiful and peaceful world.


This third pamphlet pictures life ten years later.

These are available all together as a single book.

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And after writing these sometimes incredibly mind challenging pamphlets, because of what I had to write about, what is going on in our world, and intensifying every day, I was able to derive from the pamphlets, this offer that follows here, a course for action.

A Course Of Action

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