Return to Mountain - Tai Chi - Between Heaven and Earth

Dolores LaChapelle was my neighbor, friend, and one of the most incredible women I have ever had the good fortune to share much time with. We did things together, we talked for hours on end, we spent time walking in the high country, being in the high country with the flowers, trees, animals, and always the mountains.  She had written many books herself, as I was doing across the street, and she had had her work translated into other languages like German and Italian. She was a force! And one day she casually said, we should do a book together. Jodi was the girl who lived in town and could bring Dolores' love of Tai Chi into the mountains and I was the organizer and photographer.  What a special time working with both of them. Sadly, it became Dolores' last book and is now on this website as a tribute to her and brings me many fond memories.

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