Peekaboo Us

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I realized when I had finished writing this book, Peekaboo Us, that there has never been a book quite like it. And that is still a scary thought to me. A lot of rules have been broken in 1989.


We printed six copies and gave them away to friends. The book languished in a dark corner, hidden from the light. But now, finally, twenty five years later, I feel it is the right time in my life to bring this book forth unchanged.


Reading this book is a lot like walking through a Louvre-like museum, looking  at weird paintings, one after another, and then slowly realizing that these paintings are alive. They are about us, you and me, and the people we know or don't know, or have seen on TV or in a movie, frightening, scary people, loving people. Peekaboo Us.


And as you read on through the chaos, you slowly start to see there is a thread running through that very chaos. Like the Higgs Boson particle wandering in the Higgs Field, the very basic particle of life. Is it possible there can be lasting beauty and light and love and Elvis who evolve from the chaos of our lives? If this is true, then there IS hope!


There's only one way to find out. Read this book. Try it on. This is a book about sex and drugs and Elvis and beauty and love. But fasten your seat belts. You're in for a trip! And please remember, it is R rated.


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